Welcome to the home page of otherdog studio. We are a small audio production (and web design -- haha kidding) studio in Houston, TX. We're mobile sort of, so generally we would come to you, rather than you coming to us. Pretty much - we can do some tracking (including drums) at our location if needed, and we mix here as well. We can also provide guitar re-amping with some fairly monstrous guitar amps and session guitar service in many styles.

You can email us at your own special email address that works to send email to us from you

Here's some stuff we've been working on:

Flying Monkease cover of Dark Hollow:

Russel Garcia made a new video with a song we did the sound (and guitars) for:

Flying Monkease cover of Stooges song:

Chris Lively did a video with the first single from his next release - we did the audio, but not the video - which looks awesome:

Russell Garcia (fka Pablo Pisces) EP "I will always love you"

Chris Lively LP "Feather"

our SoundCloud page (not much going on there at the moment)

We don't do mastering at all, but we recommend:

Dave McNair Mastering

Chris Longwood

226 Recordings

Here's our equipment:


Apple Macbook Pro
Apple Mac Pro
Apple Logic Pro X
Harrison Mixbus
Universal Audio UAD-2 Solo
Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad Satellite TB x2

-Audio Plugins and Virtual Instruments (in most cases complete or almost complete vendor catalog)-

Acon Digital; AIR; Arturia; Audify; Boz Digital Labs; Eventide; FabFilter; Fielding DSP; HoRNet; IK Multimedia; Izotope; Klanghelm; Lexicon; Native Instruments Komplete 10; Nomad Factory; Ohm Force; Plug and Mix; Plugin Alliance; PSPaudioware; Schwa; Scuffham Amps; sknote; Sonic Couture; Sound Radix; Sound Toys; Stillwell Audio; Tokyo Dawn Labs; Toneboosters; u-he; Universal Audio; Valhalla DSP; VladG; Voxengo; Waves (Mercury, Abbey Road, Studio Classics)


Lynx Aurora 16 TB
Universal Audio Apollo 16 TB (mkii black face) x2
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo TB

-Microphone Preamplifiers-

AMS Neve 1073 DPA
API 3124+ x2 (plus Little Labs redcloud 8810U8ERS)
Chandler Limited TG2
CLM Dynamics DB400s
Great River MP-2NV
NPNG DMP-4NW (2 stock, 2 uberlux)
Presonus ADL 600
RME Octamic II
TnC ACMP-73 x2
TnC ACMP-81 x2

Ashley SC-40 (instrument preamp)


A-Designs HM2EQ "The Hammer"
Great River EQ-2NV
Hendy Amps Michelangelo


A-Designs HM2 "The Nail"
Alesis 3632
API 2500
Audio-Scape Stereo Buss Compressor (SSL clone)
dbx 119
Retro 176 x2 (factory matched pair)
Tube-Tech CL1B x2 (sequential serial numbers - matched NOS tubes)
Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A
Valley People dyna-mite (original version, stereo)

-Channel Strip-
Universal Audio 6176 (includes 610B preamp and 1176LN compressor)


C414B-ULS x2
C414 XLS
C451 E x2
D112 x2

Audio Technica
AT3035 x2
AT4033 x2
MB3000L x3

I5 x3

M160 x2
MC 740
MC 930 x2

Baby Bottle
(EV) Blue Raven

Bock Audio

4038 x2

635A x2



C42 x2

Reference Cardioid x2 (factory matched pair)

MSH1C (cardioid) x2
MSH1 (omni) x2
X-Q x2

KM 184 x2
KM 86i x2 (serviced by Vintage King in 2016)
SM 69 (tube - Stephen Paul mod - serviced by Vintage King in 2016)
U 87i (year: 1973 - serviced by Vintage King in 2015)

MK-012 (full set of capsules) (modified by otherdog)
MC-012 (cardioid) x2 (modified by otherdog)
MK-319 x2 (modified by otherdog)
MK-319 Oktavamod FDPE

Samar Audio Design
MXL 603s x2 (capsule and electronics modified by Samar)
TnC ACM-6802T + BeesNeez K47 capsule + tab-funkenwerk bv314 transformer + replaced electronics w/ 12AU7 (modifications by Samar)
VL37 x2

MD 421-U-5 x4
MD 421 MKII x2
MD 441 x2

Beta 57A
Beta 87C
SM7b x2
SM57 x8
SM57 + tab-funkenwerk T58 transformer
SM58 minus transformer
SM80 x2
SM81 x3
SM81 minus slotted disk
Unidyne III 545SD
Unisphere B 588SA x2

ACM-1 + edcor RMX1 transformer
ACM-2 + edcor RMX1 transformer
ACM-3 + lundahl 2192 transformer
ACM-4 + lundahl 2192 transformer
ACM-200 x2

Violet Design
Amethyst Vintage x2


Adam A7 x2
AKG K240
Focal Spirit Professional x3
Kush Gain Train
Presonus HP60
PSI A21M x2
Sennheiser HD280 x7
Sennheiser HD800
Yamaha HS50M x2
Yamaha HS10W

-Room Treatment-

GIK Acoustics
Owens Corning 703 homemade bass traps

- Reamping / Guitar Amplifiers-

Radial ProRMP

Fender ProTube Concert Amp
Fender Deluxe Reverb (year: 1965 - not reissue)
Fratus custom 50 watt EL 34 Class A
Gibson Skylark x2 (year: mid 1960s)
Marshall JCM800 (2204 circuit) (year: 1986)
Marshall JMP lead 50 (hand wired 1987 circuit) (year: 1971)
Marshall JCM800 1960A cabinet
Marshall JCM900 1960B cabinet
Mastertone (Magnatone) Varsity (year:1950s)
Mojotone 4x12 cabinet with 1990s Celestion Greenback reissues
Orange OR100 (year: 2013)
Orange PPC412 cabinet
Silvertone 1470 (year: mid-late 1960s)
Silvertone 1481 (year: mid 1960s)

- Synths, MIDI controllers, Effects -

Arturia Minilab
Arturia Spark LE
Bricasti System 1
Evolution UC-33
Korg padKontrol
Korg Minilogue
Korg MS-20 Mini
Korg Volca Beats
Korg Volca Keys
Moog Minitaur
Moog Mooger Fooger MF-101 Lowpass Filter
Moog Mooger Fooger MF-102 Ring Modulator
Moog Mooger Fooger MF-104m Delay
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Technics SX-PX55m Digital Piano
various many effects

- Other stuff -

Guitars, drums, basses and some other things that sound pretty good